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Natural Health and Beauty

About Canlea|Our Vision

At Canlea, we are dedicated to develop and create innovative, high-quality products sourced from nature and powered by advanced biotechnology. Our vision is to create wellness and maintain beauty for our customer by harnessing the power of natural ingredients. We are devoted to enhancing life's quality, paving way for the vibrant future for our customer.

Despite entering a glorious era of technological advances, human are still struggling to serious threats, as evidence by the recent outbreak of Covid19. This prompted a rise in people's awareness about healthcare. They are more willing to consume healthcare products as an effective tool for maintaining health and preventing illness.

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About Kangli|Company Profile

100% vitality and first-class health
Confidence and beauty, all in Kangli

Since Kangli Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, we have adhered to the company's business philosophy of "Integrity, Reliability, and Service" and mainly sell "TPP SOD-like", "Liquid Health Drinks", "Functional Foods", "Beauty and skin care products" are the main force in the market. And provide customized OEM and ODM services. In addition, due to its many years of international trade experience and performance, it also acts as an agent for import and export business of machinery, food and cosmetic raw materials.

Adhering to the goal of pursuing nature, health and beauty and continuing to grow, we continue to work hard to develop high-tech products and provide customers with health and wellness foods that are safe and satisfying. We hope to become a health care expert and take care of the whole family based on this.


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