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Our Strategy

In reaction to the rapid growth of the healthcare industry, we made a strategic decision to establish our own manufacturing facility. Our primary goal was to develop and address the technical challenges related to sterilization during cold -filling process - a hurdle that had posed difficulties for numerous other biotechnology manufacturers. In 2006, we achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully launching our first factory with aseptic cold filling technique . This factory operates independently under the name Health-flow Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The factory is equipped with high-standard machinery, placing utmost importance on food safety management standards. We conduct thorough three-tier quality assurance audits, ensuring the highest level of quality management throughout our production processes. Additionally, we are capable of delivering small-volume, diverse, and tailor-made products to meet market demands, thus assisting OEM customers in expanding their market presence.

For us, quantity and safety, together, always take priority over all other matters. We understand the importance of ensuring quality and safety as the fundamental element in pursuit of customer satisfaction. Guided by the principles of “Honesty, Integrity and Service”, we are committed to providing safe and reliable healthcare and beauty products that excel in quality. We continuously work to create the best experience to our customer and ensure that they can use our products with complete confidence.

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Technology and Certification

  1. We take pride in our strong Research and Development tea, which includes talented individuals with education background from Japan and the US
  2. Leading-edge technology in food packaging– Aseptic Cold filling
  3. Patented packaging technology with composite multi-layer anti-UV film
  4. Our production facilities are fully compliant with ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP food safety standards.
  5. Experienced in obtaining HALAL certificate, Islamic dietary requirements and regulations.

Our objectives

Our primary objective is to improve people’s health and well-being with our products and services

In the short-term, we focus on and develop for OEM service, with an unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptionally high-quality standards throughout every phase, from initial laboratory testing to large –scale mass production. Our team works closely with customer to gain a deep understanding of their unique requirements, enabling us to deliver the optimal solutions that not only boost the marker competiveness of their products but also maximize their profitability.

In the long – term, our strategic vision aim towards ODM services. Simultaneously, we continue to strengthen our business’s identity and expanding our presence in international markets.